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Google Earth Outreach is Google’s guide to global causes and it helps charities and nonprofit organisations to quickly and easily (and literally) put their story on the map.

Millions of Google Earth users can now easily find and learn about vital situations across the globe. It gives these organisations a new way to connect directly with a broad global community. The Global Heritage Fund, Earthwatch Expeditions and Fair Trade Certified are some of the Global Awareness programs which have been put in place to support this new initiative. Google is helping tell a story which can make a difference.

Read more and view the video on the Reuters site.


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tall man cc hellosputnik Leonid Stadnik from Ukraine. the worlds tallest man (at 8 feet 5 inches) enjoys the status of being the world’s tallest man, however, he also struggles in daily life dealing with clothes sizes, shoe sizes, doorways and transport, although he was recently given a special car by the President, Viktor Yushchenko.Read more about the gentle giant at Breitbart.com.

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smoking3 cc Delgoff

In most nations in the developed world smoking is in decline, however its quite the opposite in developing world countries. Only 5% of the worlds population is covered by anti-smoking legislation. The World Health Organization is calling for anti-smoking education, taxation and regulation in the developing world nations. Read the full article in Business Week

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