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According to the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) a peace lobby group in Washington, the break down for US federal income tax spending for 2007 was as follows:

43% Military Spending
20% Health Care
12% Poverty, housing and income support
11% National Debt interest
7% Government operations police, courts, etc.
3% Education and Jobs
3% Science and the environment
1% Diplomacy

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darfur cc hdptcar

What a great short documentary from Four Docs and such a simple but
brilliant idea. A gallery of kids pictures, changed utterly when you find
out where and when they were done.

Definitely worth a minute of your time.

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All the news reports today discuss the fact that the number of US Military personnel killed in Iraq has exceeded 4000. And whereas everyone killed or injured in Iraq is a tragedy it’s notable that a conservative estimate of the number of Iraqis killed so far, is 250,000 i.e. more than 60 times the number of US military deaths, but nobody seems to be accurately counting the Iraqi deaths, and in researching it, I’ve seen anything between 80,000 and 650,000 quoted. So, 250,000 is probably a conservative estimate.

The CNN site has more details about the deaths which brought the numbers over 4000

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Iraq war

On 20th March 2003 the USA invaded Iraq and over the last 5 years its never been out of the news. So much has happened during that time its hard to get a complete view. Channel Four has compiled a five minute overview to bring you up to date.

Iraq War in 5 minutes.

Also on Channel Four – The award winning film: “Battle for Haditha”

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