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Last year Radiohead released a digital download album on the Net and asked their fans to pay what they thought it was worth, effectively reinventing the music industry. They don’t have a label so of course they were free to do as they please, and this is one experiment which didn’t work. Now six or seven months later they’re putting this genie back in the bottle, and Thom Yorke said recently that they’d be un-inventing the music industry and going back to the traditional sales model. Read more in the Guardian.

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Radiohead tried this “Pay what its worth” approach for their last online album, with mixed results. Now a restaurant (called Penn Central) in Branksome, UK is trying the same thing. Surprisingly, people are paying a fair price, so far, but how long will it last? Its certainly a novel marketing approach, after all, ask anyone in a 20 mile radius, where’s the restaurant where you can pay what you like? and most people will probably know. I guess it really makes the chef work extra hard every day to make sure everyone is satisfied.
View the video on the Time site and hear what the customers think.

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