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Enjoy !

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myspace party

So what do you think of employers or recruitment agents browsing
social networking sites to find out more information about prospective
employees? If you have public profiles on MySpace or Facebook
then anyone’s entitled to read it, right? Well, maybe. There’s no
ground rules here all information and photos online are fair game.
If you apply for a job and you seem to be the best candidate, but
you are also hell raiser on the night club scene, with lots of photos
of your escapades on your MySpace profiles (and other peoples
profiles) then thats a part of your personality which is private from
work and shouldn’t normally be a consideration when applying for a job.
But if an employer has different moral standards and finds the
information then they could, quite legitimately offer the job to
someone else and you’ll never know.
More info on this debate on BusinessWeek here.

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