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Google Earth Outreach is Google’s guide to global causes and it helps charities and nonprofit organisations to quickly and easily (and literally) put their story on the map.

Millions of Google Earth users can now easily find and learn about vital situations across the globe. It gives these organisations a new way to connect directly with a broad global community. The Global Heritage Fund, Earthwatch Expeditions and Fair Trade Certified are some of the Global Awareness programs which have been put in place to support this new initiative. Google is helping tell a story which can make a difference.

Read more and view the video on the Reuters site.


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Well it had to happen sometime, Google, that shining star of the Internet, has stalled on its growth of search results paid ads, for the last few months. and its stock price is nearly 40% down on its peak last November. Perhaps its the vacuum generated by the falling US economy, which has lessened the lift for the Google ship, or maybe its facing that crucial moment faced by all technology giants: can it sustain the momentum and growth which has brought it to such heights?
The key date is April 17th when first-quarter results are announced.

Read more about the future to the worlds most successful company in Businessweek.

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“I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” are words from a classic U2 song , and it seems to represent what drives millions of people who search on Google, Yahoo and other search engines, looking for information, ideas, other people, money, sex, music, images, videos, clothes, books and so much more. In many ways its like a record of thoughts of humanity, striving to find something we want, and mostly its what will make us happy or entertain us for a little while more.

Google’s 2007 Top search list was:

1. iphone – The phone of all phones (more than 17 million pages in the results list)
2. webkinz – The kid’s stuffed animal that comes alive online in Webkinz World (6 million pages)
3. tmz – Entertainment news and celebrity gossip (780 thousand pages)
4. transformers – the movie about transforming robots (2.4 million pages)
5. youtube – hosts user created videos (32 million pages)
6. club penguin – a safe virtual world for kids to play, interact with friends (3.2 million pages)
7. myspace – social networking with forums, communities, videos and blogging (25 million pages)
8. heroes – hit TV show with super heroes (19 million pages)
9. facebook – another top social networking site (29 million pages)
10. anna nicole smith – a former Playmate of the Year and reality show host who died aged 39 (700 thousand pages)

So to summarize what we’re all looking for:
A cool phone, Entertainment for kids and grown ups, social networking, and some racy pictures.
Or even more summarized:
Communication and entertainment

The 2006 top list was quite different:

bebo – social networking
myspace – social networking
world cup -soccer
metacafe – videos
radioblog – music and video downloads
wikipedia – encyclopedia
rebelde -teenages Mexican soap opera
mininova – movie download site
wiki -encyclopedia

But when you summarize it, it still boils down to:
Communication and entertainment

And since entertainment is a form of communication, ultimately we are searching for Communication and the picture on this post represents the ultimate communication tool.

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