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graveyard cc DeaPeaJay

I know it seems strange, and you might ask who would be paying to view a funeral but this new service is actually a “lifesaver” for people who cannot attend a funeral but want to pay their respects. Relatives from Australia who cannot be at the funeral in time, can just login, pay £75 and be there virtually. It makes me think, hey, why not pay-per-view holidays? No hassle of flying, and you can sit at home and relax and enjoy it as someone else travels under your direction.

Back to the funerals, read more on Reuters.com here.


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For anyone who has had a beloved pet, a dog or a cat, or other animal who had become part of the family, their death is always a traumatic moment because emotional attachments are formed during the pets lifetime, and, at the end of it’s life, it hurts. For most people they grieve and then move on after a while.
But now, the height of bad taste, is available – Freeze Dry Your Pet in Colorado and if you’re not close by, just send it by FedEx. So how do they do it? well the FAQ on the site says that they slowly remove all the liquid from the frozen object using a vacuum, and once this is done, your pet will last forever. I image hell would have to freeze over before most pet owners would dispatch their beloved pet for immortalization.

Check out PetPreservations.com for more gory details.

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Chantal Sebire

Chantal Sébire was horribly deformed and in constant pain from rare malignant
growth inside her nasa passage. She petitioned the French government to allow
her doctors assist her death but this was rejected. She was found dead two days
ago and the cause is still to be fully determined. But the French debate on
euthanasia rages on. Read the full article in Time magazine here.

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