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This video shows an amazing wind powered vehicle which is also a work of art.

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hanging gardens - cc - mixstar

An exhibition on the history and art of Babylon is currently in Paris and will be moving to Berlin and later to London. Archaeologists show that Babylon was a city of innovation, contrary to the reformation Christians description as place dedicated to orgies and feasting. Babylon produced many developments in medicine, astronomy and mathematics and the exhibition explores some of the major discoveries.

Read more in the Economist.

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“Venus and the Cupid” a painting by Lucas Cranach, a Reformation artist in the 16th century, was once owned by Hitler. It was bought in the 1960’s by the British National Gallery, however an art historian has traced it back to Hitler’s Munich flat…
Read the full story in the Guardian.

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The Lightening Field

lightening cc el garza The Lightening Field is a huge permanent installation in the desert in New Mexico.
Walter de Maria created the work by planting hundreds of 20-foot steel rods in the ground arranged in a grid, designed to attract amazing lightening strikes.See more at Channel Four Culture.

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Upside down room

[The Upside Down Room Photo]

The Propeller Island City Lodge is a hotel where every room is a work of art, created by the German artist Lars Stroschen. Staying at this hotel would be like staying inside a work of art.
Its got 30 rooms each with a distinctive character.
See pictures of all the rooms here.
Link to the hotel for more pictures and information.

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