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Clare Allan spent 10-years in the UK mental health system, was diagnosed with virtually every mental illness and spent years taking a cocktail of pills everyday, now, having left this old life behind, she used it as the inspiration for the novel Poppy Shakespeare: a patients notes, which takes a humourous satirical view of life on the inside of a mental institution. This has now been made into a Channel Four feature film.

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In a short few years, blogging has grown into a huge social and business activity. Its become so simple to set one up, that thousands of new blogs are created every day and millions exist across the net. But the fact that everyone can publish instantly, or make a video, or music track, or photograph, and make it available to anyone across the world, doesn’t make it any easier to create good or great content. In fact the proliferation of poor content bombarding everybody, everyday on the net, is actually making it more difficult for potentially good content to get visibility. Whatever about the millions of personal journals online, business blogging has become an crucially important marketing tool.

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This blog is less than a month old and at the end of March 2008 and there’s been an average of three posts per day, covering quite a diverse range of topics in the four primary areas: Arts, Business, Lifestyle and Science.

Here’s a summary of all the posts for March 2008

  • Blogs: Finding the precious needles in the haystack
  • MacBook Hacked
  • Low-cost flights to space
  • What obsession can do to a man
  • Testing Muslim Racism in the USA
  • Freeze Dry Your Pet
  • Ice-free Arctic soon
  • Lasers a Bright New Future
  • British National Gallery Painting Was Owned By Hitler
  • X Prize in Genomics
  • A nightmare but true
  • Risky Business
  • Heathrow Hell
  • A camera that can see through clothes
  • The Gallery: A very short documentary
  • Men on the Moon: Its getting crowded up there
  • Arthur C Clarke Predictions for the 21st Century
  • The Lightening Field
  • The Controversial Embryology Bill
  • The World’s Most Expensive Violin
  • Aging well or not?
  • Iraq: 4000 US military and an estimated 250,000 Iraqis killed
  • Chinese Turning Hoops to Keep the Tibet Uprising out of the Olympics
  • World’s Tallest Man is a Gentle Giant.
  • JK Rowling considered suicide
  • Buddhist Dog
  • Art from Digital Recycling
  • Jailed in Dubai
  • No End in Sight
  • The Pope’s Celebration
  • A Blast from the Past: Mr Blue Sky
  • Lark: Philosophy and Dance
  • Environment under Threat
  • The Future of the Web
  • Work in the Future
  • Salt on Mars
  • America for Sale?
  • Coca Cola sponsored crucifixion in the Philippines
  • Smoking in the Developing World
  • French Euthanasia Case
  • Ahh, a coffee and some social networking
  • Killing Floyd
  • Visa’s new ad
  • Wired Top 10 Red Photographs
  • Euro could soon be the dominant global currency
  • Lunar Telescope Farm?
  • A Blast from the Past – The Look of Love
  • Battling to see the Chinese Army at the British Museum
  • Wired Self-Portrait contest
  • Propeller Island City Lodge Berlin
  • Controversy over human-animal embryos
  • Nowhere Safe
  • Employers browsing candidate’s Social Networking profiles
  • Hi-tech house in the country
  • Egg-actly what the doctor ordered
  • Race to the top
  • Iraq – a five minute summary
  • Smart Goggles
  • Filmmakers and Art Galleries
  • Spanish Film Festival: The Orphanage
  • Dark Mirror Video Installation at the IMMA
  • Learning Online

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Simon Garfield rediscovered his childhood love of stamp collecting, in his late forties, but this time it developed into an obsession which has cost him his marriage, and financial problems. Its an all-consuming passion and obsession, excluding nearly everything else (but he also had an affair with a beautiful young woman) .

He collects those very rare stamps which have mistakes on them, prizes to be hunted down and taken. “Stamps don’t leave you. They are not like people.” he says, but he also knows that compulsive collecting is a compensation for a loss in his life.

Read the Guardian Online compelling extract from the book “The Error World: An Affair with Stamps” by Simon Garfield.

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