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Filmaka.com is a new site for aspiring filmmakers all over the world. You
can submit your high quality 3-minute short, have it evaluated, enter competitions
to win funding to help make a feature film, a documentary or a TV comedy series.

Its the brainchild of Deepak Nayar, who was behind such films as “Buena Vista Social Club” and “Bend it Like Beckham,” and Sandy Grushow, the former chairman of Fox Television Entertainment Group.

The judges of the competition include directors Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders, and Paul Schrader

Read more on the Reuters site

And visit the Filmaka.com site here.


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Radiohead tried this “Pay what its worth” approach for their last online album, with mixed results. Now a restaurant (called Penn Central) in Branksome, UK is trying the same thing. Surprisingly, people are paying a fair price, so far, but how long will it last? Its certainly a novel marketing approach, after all, ask anyone in a 20 mile radius, where’s the restaurant where you can pay what you like? and most people will probably know. I guess it really makes the chef work extra hard every day to make sure everyone is satisfied.
View the video on the Time site and hear what the customers think.

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In the USA the top 10 companies to work for are:

  1. Google
  2. Quicken Loans
  3. Wedgemans Food Markets
  4. Edward Jones
  5. Genentech
  6. Cisco Systems
  7. Starbucks
  8. Qualcomm
  9. Goldman Sachs
  10. Methodist Hospital System

Google employees say its the flexibility, financial security and opportunity to get thing done, that make it the best company to work for. It encourages employees to try new things – like using a huge farm of solar electric cells to create green energy, for the vast amount of power consumed by all the hi-tech equipment in one of their offices. Also, employees can devote one day per week on project of their choice.

For Wedgemans Food Markets, with 71 stores, its the flexible schedules, the friendly atmosphere, everyone is well treated, and the employer is genuinely concerned about it’s employees. And this goodwill passes on, through the employees, to the customers.

Read more and view the videos on the CNN Fortune site:

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YouTube have launched a new program called Living Legends which invites leaders in all fields (music, film, sports, politics) to answer users questions and communicate with the world (and of course get themselves some extra free publicity). Its kicking off with rock and roll and who better than those unstoppable geriatrics, still getting better: the Rolling Stones and “Jumping Jack Flash”

Get with the program here

Check out the Blog here

and enjoy those wrinkly rockers:

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iphone cc spcoon

“I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” are words from a classic U2 song , and it seems to represent what drives millions of people who search on Google, Yahoo and other search engines, looking for information, ideas, other people, money, sex, music, images, videos, clothes, books and so much more. In many ways its like a record of thoughts of humanity, striving to find something we want, and mostly its what will make us happy or entertain us for a little while more.

Google’s 2007 Top search list was:

1. iphone – The phone of all phones (more than 17 million pages in the results list)
2. webkinz – The kid’s stuffed animal that comes alive online in Webkinz World (6 million pages)
3. tmz – Entertainment news and celebrity gossip (780 thousand pages)
4. transformers – the movie about transforming robots (2.4 million pages)
5. youtube – hosts user created videos (32 million pages)
6. club penguin – a safe virtual world for kids to play, interact with friends (3.2 million pages)
7. myspace – social networking with forums, communities, videos and blogging (25 million pages)
8. heroes – hit TV show with super heroes (19 million pages)
9. facebook – another top social networking site (29 million pages)
10. anna nicole smith – a former Playmate of the Year and reality show host who died aged 39 (700 thousand pages)

So to summarize what we’re all looking for:
A cool phone, Entertainment for kids and grown ups, social networking, and some racy pictures.
Or even more summarized:
Communication and entertainment

The 2006 top list was quite different:

bebo – social networking
myspace – social networking
world cup -soccer
metacafe – videos
radioblog – music and video downloads
wikipedia – encyclopedia
rebelde -teenages Mexican soap opera
mininova – movie download site
wiki -encyclopedia

But when you summarize it, it still boils down to:
Communication and entertainment

And since entertainment is a form of communication, ultimately we are searching for Communication and the picture on this post represents the ultimate communication tool.

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graveyard cc DeaPeaJay

I know it seems strange, and you might ask who would be paying to view a funeral but this new service is actually a “lifesaver” for people who cannot attend a funeral but want to pay their respects. Relatives from Australia who cannot be at the funeral in time, can just login, pay £75 and be there virtually. It makes me think, hey, why not pay-per-view holidays? No hassle of flying, and you can sit at home and relax and enjoy it as someone else travels under your direction.

Back to the funerals, read more on Reuters.com here.

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darfur cc hdptcar

What a great short documentary from Four Docs and such a simple but
brilliant idea. A gallery of kids pictures, changed utterly when you find
out where and when they were done.

Definitely worth a minute of your time.

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