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ABC News Primetime recently ran a test to gauge reaction to Muslim racism in the USA. This video on YouTube.com shows quite surprising results: 15% approved racism, 32% challenged racism, but most surprising is that 53% were silent. Obviously this is just one test so it doesn’t represent the broad US opinion, however it does raise the difficult question: What is the US national attitude towards Muslims living in America?

It made me think about a recent conversation I had with an estate agent in London. He was a perfectly decent guy (as far as estate agents can be !!) and we had several conversations about quite a range of topics, however, after telling me about a Muslim woman who had looked at the same property he was showing me, he said “I cant help it, but every time I look at a Muslim, all I can see is a terrorist”. I said nothing, as I was taken aback, however I did think, (and I’m Irish) that if that had been 15 years ago, in the 1990’s (the time when there were IRA bombings in London) he would probably have said “…every time I look at an Irishman all I can see is a terrorist”.

Terrorist actions have more effect than just a terrifying consequence for their victims, they can also polarize a community in the country attacked, which can have long lasting, and often hidden, effects.

So it seems to me that the essence of racism is focusing on the actions of a few and then treating everyone from that country or race as if they have the same attitude. I’m not sure how to combat this because we are constantly bombarded with images of the horrors in Iraq. however, I am sure that 99% of their population, like us, just wants to live a decent life.


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Visa’s new ad

This is the new ad for Visa, created by Saatchi & Saatchi and features a naked man running in the desert on his way to his wedding. View the ad on the Guardian site.

Its due to be shown first on Film4 on Easter Monday

visa ad

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huf haus

Of all the many, many excellent house design and building projects
which Kevin McCloud (in Grand Designs) has presented over the last few years, a few stand out in my mind for the way they were designed and the speed
of building. The Huf Haus commissioned by David and Greta Iredale
is one of those projects. Kevin McCloud in now revisiting 4 years later
and this will be well worth watching on Channel 4 Wednesdays at 9pm.

More information here.

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