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Have you ever considered taking one of those exotic romantic train journeys like Cape Town to Pretoria or Singapore to Bangkok on the Eastern & Oriental Express or London to Venice on the Orient Express, and then had your dreams shattered when you find out how much it costs to indulge in the luxury of long distance, classic train journeys. Well now it could be possible at a fraction of the cost by following Mark Smith’s advice.

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It looks like space travel could become more affordable in the near future with the development of the Lynx space taxi. It will be able to fly from a standard airport up to 40 miles in space.giving the passenger a breathtaking view of the earth from space. However NASA defines space as 50 miles or higher so it will be debatable if it is actually a space flight, and even if it does become more affordable, that means that the very rich can afford it, as opposed to the super rich. For now it looks like mere mortals will have to keep their feet on the ground or perhaps fork out 3000 euro for a zero-gravity flight from Kennedy Space Centre. Read more in the Times Online

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Jailed in Dubai

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Since 2006 Dubai has dramatically increased airport customs drug-related arrests and Cat Le Huy, a television executive living in London, was arrested in Dubai and imprisoned for 6 weeks. He denies he had any drugs. A Dubai airport official claims they found 0.03 grams (a tiny spec) of hashish in his bag. A number of other have suffered similar treatment.

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