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This video shows an amazing wind powered vehicle which is also a work of art.

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Filmaka.com is a new site for aspiring filmmakers all over the world. You
can submit your high quality 3-minute short, have it evaluated, enter competitions
to win funding to help make a feature film, a documentary or a TV comedy series.

Its the brainchild of Deepak Nayar, who was behind such films as “Buena Vista Social Club” and “Bend it Like Beckham,” and Sandy Grushow, the former chairman of Fox Television Entertainment Group.

The judges of the competition include directors Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders, and Paul Schrader

Read more on the Reuters site

And visit the Filmaka.com site here.

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solar panel - cc - pink dispatcher

When you think of green homes, it brings up an image of a hi-tech house in a rural area, with solar panels soaking up the sun’s free energy and a few wind turbines out the back to collect and convert more free energy. But now Robin Wilson has created a zero net energy home right in the centre of San Francisco suburbia. La Casa Verde in the Mission district is as green as they come.

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When Asus launched the Asus EEE PC 701 last year, it started a revolution: the Internet Appliance. Finally there was a very cheap, extremely light (less than 1Kg) and small laptop with great connectivity, solid state memory (no hard drive) and a very simple user interface, so simple in fact that the device was initially targeted at kids. But very soon everyone wanted one, (young and not so young) and it took me a month on a backorder list, to get one.
Now they’ve updated it using the same winning format but with a 9 inch screen rather than the original 7 inch screen (but the device is the same size and weight). They’ve also upgraded the internal solid state drive to 20 GB and made lots of other improvements, creating an even better ultra portable device.

Read more on Trusted Reviews and then place your order because there’ll be millions queuing up to get one.

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Facebook, the social networking site, has 66 million users and now more than 50% of daily visitors are 35 years and older, spending on average 2 hours per month on the site. Although not much e-commerce is carried on in this environment it is growing as a location for creative people to build networks. The tens of thousands of communities located in Facebook represent future commercial opportunities for innovative companies to reach, since Facebook applications have been opened up to developers.

Read more about these opportunities on Businessweek.

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This is the Link to the LifeOver30.com weekly podcast for 12th April 2008

Or play it directly here:

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Google Earth Outreach is Google’s guide to global causes and it helps charities and nonprofit organisations to quickly and easily (and literally) put their story on the map.

Millions of Google Earth users can now easily find and learn about vital situations across the globe. It gives these organisations a new way to connect directly with a broad global community. The Global Heritage Fund, Earthwatch Expeditions and Fair Trade Certified are some of the Global Awareness programs which have been put in place to support this new initiative. Google is helping tell a story which can make a difference.

Read more and view the video on the Reuters site.

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