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Daniel T. can do incredible things with maths and languages. He knows 9 languages an can learn a new one in a week. He demonstrated that her could recite pi to 22500 places, in a stunning public performance which lasted over 4 hours. This 44 minute video demonstrates his amazing abilities.

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When you think of green homes, it brings up an image of a hi-tech house in a rural area, with solar panels soaking up the sun’s free energy and a few wind turbines out the back to collect and convert more free energy. But now Robin Wilson has created a zero net energy home right in the centre of San Francisco suburbia. La Casa Verde in the Mission district is as green as they come.

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An exhibition on the history and art of Babylon is currently in Paris and will be moving to Berlin and later to London. Archaeologists show that Babylon was a city of innovation, contrary to the reformation Christians description as place dedicated to orgies and feasting. Babylon produced many developments in medicine, astronomy and mathematics and the exhibition explores some of the major discoveries.

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This is the Link to the LifeOver30.com weekly podcast for 12th April 2008

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Archaeologists are carrying out a dig at the 4500 year old Stonehenge site, to uncover the true reason for its existence. The researchers believe that bluestones, which were originally at the site, indicate that it was originally an ancient healing place, a sort of “prehistoric Lourdes” where people came to be healed.

Read more and view videos of the dig on the BBC site.

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Scientists at Cern, the particle physics centre, have developed a new technology, The Grid which could dramatically increase the speed of transfer and communications. Its currently being developed to capture the super high volume of data being generated by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the new particle accelerator built to probe the origin of the universe. Re-purposing it to create parallel internet processing could revolutionize networking.

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This video simulation and actual footage, shows the ATV, Europe’s new supply space vessel for the international space station. The actual size of the “Jules Verne”, apart from it’s booster rockets, is about the size of a double decker bus. It docked with the space station on 3rd April 2008.

View the video on the Guardian site.

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