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Imagine this, you are on a days outing and you get a phone call asking if you really are giving away all your possessions for free. Rushing back home you pass a truck laden with your possessions, and they refuse to give them back to you. As you arrive at your home its ransacked with everything taken. It sounds like a nightmare, but it really happened to a man in Oregon after a hoax ad was posted on Craigslist website advertising that all his possessions were free for the taking.
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huf haus

Of all the many, many excellent house design and building projects
which Kevin McCloud (in Grand Designs) has presented over the last few years, a few stand out in my mind for the way they were designed and the speed
of building. The Huf Haus commissioned by David and Greta Iredale
is one of those projects. Kevin McCloud in now revisiting 4 years later
and this will be well worth watching on Channel 4 Wednesdays at 9pm.

More information here.

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