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The Wellcome Image Awards 2008 is a collection of incredible images showing the patterns and shapes of microscopic structures in vivid colour. Its a world, invisible to the naked eye, with beautiful textures, colours, and structures, however it’s strange to realise that these stunning pictures are breast and colon cancer cells, bacteria which causes Meningitis, HIV, stem cells, and a sea of red blood cells.

View the collection at the Wellcome site.


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security camera cc CBS_Fan

A new camera has been developed which can see through clothing. Its being used, in public places like shopping malls and airports, to detect guns, knives and bombs being concealed by criminals, terrorists and suicide bombers, under their clothing. It uses a type of radiation called Terahertz (or T-Rays) and it can detect metallic and non-metallic materials. I guess the guys using these devices must have some great stories about what people are concealing under their clothing.
Read more at the Sky news site.

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old woman cc fotoin

Two companies have developed image simulation software to allow people to see the future effects of obesity, sun damage and smoking will have on their looks over time. Its scary stuff to see the future – a bit like the TV Programme “Ten Years Younger” run in reverse.

More information on this topic at ABCnews

AprilAge aging effects demo

Accenture Technology Labs info

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tibet cc sanferan

Many images from the Tibet struggle over the last few weeks have been censored by the Chinese Public Security Bureau, however Wikileaks.org has created an archive of these censored images, which only hint at the brutality which has occurred there in recent times.

View the Wikileaks photo archive here.

The biggest challenge now for the Chinese government is can they keep a lid on the situation during the build up to the Olympics. Michael Portillo, in Times Online, has drawn parallels with this situation to the German 1936 Olympics when Hitler used the occasion to showcase Natzism.

Read Michael Portillo’s article here.

China is desperate for the Olympics to be a success, however they also fiercely resist any foreign intervention in their “internal” affairs and they now wield enormous economic weight, so it looks like there will be major political poker behind the scenes over the next few months.

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Rubbish cc currybet Cattle wandering in a smoldering forest in Brazil,
Penguins clinging to a melting glacier in Antarctica,
Shanty towns on top of a dump in Nigeria, and
Choking pollution in Tiananmen Square in Beijing.These and many other photographs, make up a picture story in the Guardian, of environments under threat. View these great photos here.

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red 6

This is Bill Dunford’s yummy edibles caught in a split-second moment.
One of the ten best red photos from the recent Wired contest.

Check out the rest here.

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wired self-portrait

Wired magazine are running a self-portrait photo competition which closes
tomorrow 21/03/2008 – so hurry if you want to promote your image. (www.wired.com). Just for inspiration, here are some of the top-rated self-portraits:

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