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radiohead (cc michell zappa)

Last year Radiohead released a digital download album on the Net and asked their fans to pay what they thought it was worth, effectively reinventing the music industry. They don’t have a label so of course they were free to do as they please, and this is one experiment which didn’t work. Now six or seven months later they’re putting this genie back in the bottle, and Thom Yorke said recently that they’d be un-inventing the music industry and going back to the traditional sales model. Read more in the Guardian.

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YouTube have launched a new program called Living Legends which invites leaders in all fields (music, film, sports, politics) to answer users questions and communicate with the world (and of course get themselves some extra free publicity). Its kicking off with rock and roll and who better than those unstoppable geriatrics, still getting better: the Rolling Stones and “Jumping Jack Flash”

Get with the program here

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and enjoy those wrinkly rockers:

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violin cc arquera

A 250 year-old Guarnerius del Gesu is the world’s most expensive violin. It was bought recently for $3.9 million and played for the first time in 70 years, last Saturday. See it in action in the Guardian.

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Mr Blue Sky is a classic hit from Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) in 1977, guaranteed to bring on a fit of nostalgia.

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martin fry Time for some nostalgia now, with a 1980’s hit by ABC – The Look of Love.This was one of about 10 hits from their 1982 album The Lexicon of Love.And here’s Martin Fry the lead singer, 25 years later.

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