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Have you ever considered taking one of those exotic romantic train journeys like Cape Town to Pretoria or Singapore to Bangkok on the Eastern & Oriental Express or London to Venice on the Orient Express, and then had your dreams shattered when you find out how much it costs to indulge in the luxury of long distance, classic train journeys. Well now it could be possible at a fraction of the cost by following Mark Smith’s advice.

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graveyard cc DeaPeaJay

I know it seems strange, and you might ask who would be paying to view a funeral but this new service is actually a “lifesaver” for people who cannot attend a funeral but want to pay their respects. Relatives from Australia who cannot be at the funeral in time, can just login, pay £75 and be there virtually. It makes me think, hey, why not pay-per-view holidays? No hassle of flying, and you can sit at home and relax and enjoy it as someone else travels under your direction.

Back to the funerals, read more on Reuters.com here.

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dog cc e3000

For anyone who has had a beloved pet, a dog or a cat, or other animal who had become part of the family, their death is always a traumatic moment because emotional attachments are formed during the pets lifetime, and, at the end of it’s life, it hurts. For most people they grieve and then move on after a while.
But now, the height of bad taste, is available – Freeze Dry Your Pet in Colorado and if you’re not close by, just send it by FedEx. So how do they do it? well the FAQ on the site says that they slowly remove all the liquid from the frozen object using a vacuum, and once this is done, your pet will last forever. I image hell would have to freeze over before most pet owners would dispatch their beloved pet for immortalization.

Check out PetPreservations.com for more gory details.

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The Archon X Prize in Human Genomics is a $10 million prize to drive rapid human genome sequencing and achieve the goal of 100 Human Genomes in 10 days.
View the video and check out the genomics x prize site for more information.

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tall man cc hellosputnik Leonid Stadnik from Ukraine. the worlds tallest man (at 8 feet 5 inches) enjoys the status of being the world’s tallest man, however, he also struggles in daily life dealing with clothes sizes, shoe sizes, doorways and transport, although he was recently given a special car by the President, Viktor Yushchenko.Read more about the gentle giant at Breitbart.com.

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harry potter cc johan larsson Best selling author of the Harry Potter books has admitted that when she separated from her first husband, in her 20’s, and was a struggling writer and single parent, she considered suicide. The thought of her young daughter was a catalyst to seeking medical help.
Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

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Earth Hands CC - NASA / AussieGall

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web (well, I’m sure he had a lot of help!) believes that the future for the internet is a “semantic web”, a network which understands the meaning of the content on the web, as opposed to just maintaining links between content. This intelligent web will use its knowledge to interact with humans, rather than just serve up content. So when intelligence is embedded in the net, are we looking at a nightmarish Terminator future?, where we realise too late that we’ve given up control of our lives to machines (or perhaps this has already happened, but we just don’t realize it yet). Read more on the Telegraph.

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