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indian facade (cc ahrondeleeuw)Muslims in Solapur in India have an ancient ritual which involves throwing their young babies from tall buildings, “to improve their health”. They claim no babies have ever been injured and that the babies are actually stronger for it. I guess this is a practical example of “if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger” !! Read more and view the video of the dropping babies at Breitbart.com but don’t try this at home.

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It could only happen in LA…
A plastic surgeon, has sensed the pain that intending cosmetic surgery patients were experiencing when trying to explain to their young children, that mommy was getting her nose reshaped and her sagging stomach, tucked, to become a trimmer, leaner mommy!! He’s come up with a kids picture story book for 4-7 year-olds explaining why mommy is going under the knife.
I can just imagine the kids questions while this “story book” is being read at bedtime. “Mommy, is the surgeon going to cut my tummy open?”

Read more about the solving the plight of those getting a “mommy make-over” on the Reuters site.

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In todays society , the cult of young, anyone over the age of thirty (life over 30?) starts looking at ways to remain young as long as possible. Its not surprising that cosmetic surgery has flourished, moving from the exotic to the mainstream in a short few years. And its not only women who are vainly trying to fight off the ravages of time, men, it seems are also interested in looking good, however the ratio of cosmetic procedures is still largely weighted on the female side with 91% women to 9% men opting for surgery, and spending $12.4 billion in 2007 (in the USA).

The top procedures are:

  • Breast Enlargement and reduction
  • Liposuction
  • Nose reshaping
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Tummy tucks

Read more on the Reuters site.

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(dentist cc Betsssssy)

Research into dental regeneration rather than drilling and filling is progressing, however it may be some years to come before you’ll be able to sit in the dentist’s chair without the fear that the dreaded drill will be used.

Even though my dentist numbs my mouth before reaching for the instruments of oral torture, the noise of the drill, the discomfort rather than pain, of drilling and cleaning, and the constant fear that the drill might hit a nerve which has not been fully numbed, makes for a very unpleasant session.
Regenerating teeth which have developed cavities, is a tricky process using a calcium solution of ions (electrically charged particles) and re-mineralizing parts of the teeth. It’s not there yet but perhaps the next generation may grow up attending dental clinics which have replaced their drills with this process.

Read more in Wired.

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angst cc atomicpuppy68

Clare Allan spent 10-years in the UK mental health system, was diagnosed with virtually every mental illness and spent years taking a cocktail of pills everyday, now, having left this old life behind, she used it as the inspiration for the novel Poppy Shakespeare: a patients notes, which takes a humourous satirical view of life on the inside of a mental institution. This has now been made into a Channel Four feature film.

Read more on the Telegraph site

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laser light sxc tpacific

Invented more than 50 years ago, where initially, they were a solution looking for an application, lasers are now used extensively in scientific, medical and engineering fields, and their rate of use has increased enormously in the last few years as the technology has developed. High intensity, finely focused, pulsed lasers are being use in medical applications to carry out microsurgery on arteries, eyes other small delicate areas of the human body, with very fine degree of precision and little collateral damage to the surrounding tissue. Read more about this brave new world of light in the Economist


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The Archon X Prize in Human Genomics is a $10 million prize to drive rapid human genome sequencing and achieve the goal of 100 Human Genomes in 10 days.
View the video and check out the genomics x prize site for more information.

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