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When Asus launched the Asus EEE PC 701 last year, it started a revolution: the Internet Appliance. Finally there was a very cheap, extremely light (less than 1Kg) and small laptop with great connectivity, solid state memory (no hard drive) and a very simple user interface, so simple in fact that the device was initially targeted at kids. But very soon everyone wanted one, (young and not so young) and it took me a month on a backorder list, to get one.
Now they’ve updated it using the same winning format but with a 9 inch screen rather than the original 7 inch screen (but the device is the same size and weight). They’ve also upgraded the internal solid state drive to 20 GB and made lots of other improvements, creating an even better ultra portable device.

Read more on Trusted Reviews and then place your order because there’ll be millions queuing up to get one.


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bat bot

Just when you thought it was safe to lie out in your totally secluded back garden
getting an all over sun tan, when along comes this little gadget. Its a battlefield
6 inch robotic spy plane modeled like a bat. Ok, its military kit right now,
but is only a matter of time until someone’s selling them on the net.

“Is it a bird, is it a plane, no, its Bat-Bot.”
Check Ubergizmo for more.

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