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Filmaka.com is a new site for aspiring filmmakers all over the world. You
can submit your high quality 3-minute short, have it evaluated, enter competitions
to win funding to help make a feature film, a documentary or a TV comedy series.

Its the brainchild of Deepak Nayar, who was behind such films as “Buena Vista Social Club” and “Bend it Like Beckham,” and Sandy Grushow, the former chairman of Fox Television Entertainment Group.

The judges of the competition include directors Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders, and Paul Schrader

Read more on the Reuters site

And visit the Filmaka.com site here.

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angst cc atomicpuppy68

Clare Allan spent 10-years in the UK mental health system, was diagnosed with virtually every mental illness and spent years taking a cocktail of pills everyday, now, having left this old life behind, she used it as the inspiration for the novel Poppy Shakespeare: a patients notes, which takes a humourous satirical view of life on the inside of a mental institution. This has now been made into a Channel Four feature film.

Read more on the Telegraph site

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darfur cc hdptcar

What a great short documentary from Four Docs and such a simple but
brilliant idea. A gallery of kids pictures, changed utterly when you find
out where and when they were done.

Definitely worth a minute of your time.

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dance cc amandabhslater

This documentary from Channel Four Docs is a strange, mysterious and intimate portrait of a woman who is a philosophy student and stripper. The juxtaposition of philosophy books, photos in a bed-sit flat and an exotic dance (in a bunny suit) to the sound of classical guitar, makes a surreal and compelling short film.

This film was one of the winners of the Four Docs Sheffield Competition.

View it here on Channel Four Docs.

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EssJay in NZ

This short documentary from Channel Four Docs shows a Longhorn being brought to the slaughterhouse. Suddenly the vegetarian option seems more appetizing, when you see how animals are actually killed. An air pressure bolt gun, similar to the one used by the psychopath in the film “No Country for Old Men”, is used and although this causes instant death with no pain, there is a certain chilling feeling in seeing it used. Do not watch this video if you are squeamish. You can view the documentary here.

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Andrew Pulver blogs in the Guardian why art galleries are so attractive to filmmakers, providing a backdrop for DaVinci Code, Manhatten, Small Time Crooks, and lots more. Get the full article here.

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El Orfanato directed by Juan Antonio Bayona is being shown on Friday 21st March in the Irish Film Institute as part of the Spanish Film Festival. This film was also shown recently in the Dublin International Film Festival and is excellent ghost story which draws on some of the ideas in The Others. It has all the classic ingredients for a supernatural story: old creepy house, missing child, ghostly children from the past and an evil old woman. See the IFI site for more information. Recommended (7/10). Also some video clips are available at IMDB. The Orphanage

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