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It could only happen in LA…
A plastic surgeon, has sensed the pain that intending cosmetic surgery patients were experiencing when trying to explain to their young children, that mommy was getting her nose reshaped and her sagging stomach, tucked, to become a trimmer, leaner mommy!! He’s come up with a kids picture story book for 4-7 year-olds explaining why mommy is going under the knife.
I can just imagine the kids questions while this “story book” is being read at bedtime. “Mommy, is the surgeon going to cut my tummy open?”

Read more about the solving the plight of those getting a “mommy make-over” on the Reuters site.

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angst cc atomicpuppy68

Clare Allan spent 10-years in the UK mental health system, was diagnosed with virtually every mental illness and spent years taking a cocktail of pills everyday, now, having left this old life behind, she used it as the inspiration for the novel Poppy Shakespeare: a patients notes, which takes a humourous satirical view of life on the inside of a mental institution. This has now been made into a Channel Four feature film.

Read more on the Telegraph site

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penny black cc kevinzim

Simon Garfield rediscovered his childhood love of stamp collecting, in his late forties, but this time it developed into an obsession which has cost him his marriage, and financial problems. Its an all-consuming passion and obsession, excluding nearly everything else (but he also had an affair with a beautiful young woman) .

He collects those very rare stamps which have mistakes on them, prizes to be hunted down and taken. “Stamps don’t leave you. They are not like people.” he says, but he also knows that compulsive collecting is a compensation for a loss in his life.

Read the Guardian Online compelling extract from the book “The Error World: An Affair with Stamps” by Simon Garfield.

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Risky Business

car accident cc old man lee

Why are we so notoriously bad a dealing with risk? More people die in car accidents each month in the USA, than were killed by the September 11th terrorists attacks, yet there is increased focus on the risk of terrorism and comparatively little focus on the risk on the roads. Two new books have been published on risk: Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear By Dan Gardner and Panicology: (What’s Worth Worrying About and What’s Not) in the 21st Century By Simon Briscoe and Hugh Aldersey-Williams .
Read all about them in Economist.

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harry potter cc johan larsson Best selling author of the Harry Potter books has admitted that when she separated from her first husband, in her 20’s, and was a struggling writer and single parent, she considered suicide. The thought of her young daughter was a catalyst to seeking medical help.
Read the full article in the Daily Mail.

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dance cc amandabhslater

This documentary from Channel Four Docs is a strange, mysterious and intimate portrait of a woman who is a philosophy student and stripper. The juxtaposition of philosophy books, photos in a bed-sit flat and an exotic dance (in a bunny suit) to the sound of classical guitar, makes a surreal and compelling short film.

This film was one of the winners of the Four Docs Sheffield Competition.

View it here on Channel Four Docs.

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