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palm jumeirah from google earth

The superb marketing machine for Palm Jumeirah, the man-made luxury island in Dubai, described it as the Eight Wonder of the World, and it is indeed a tremendous feat of engineering. However all may not be so well in this paradise which has been built by tens of thousands of low paid, migrant workers. Luxury multi-million pound villas are closely packed side by side and the lush tropical vegetation from the marketing materials, is not as evident. There are certainly many good features to this location, but the reality of £800 monthly air-conditioning bills and sometimes 48 C temperature, can take the edge off it.

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Upside down room

[The Upside Down Room Photo]

The Propeller Island City Lodge is a hotel where every room is a work of art, created by the German artist Lars Stroschen. Staying at this hotel would be like staying inside a work of art.
Its got 30 rooms each with a distinctive character.
See pictures of all the rooms here.
Link to the hotel for more pictures and information.

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huf haus

Of all the many, many excellent house design and building projects
which Kevin McCloud (in Grand Designs) has presented over the last few years, a few stand out in my mind for the way they were designed and the speed
of building. The Huf Haus commissioned by David and Greta Iredale
is one of those projects. Kevin McCloud in now revisiting 4 years later
and this will be well worth watching on Channel 4 Wednesdays at 9pm.

More information here.

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